db|WD choreography award

DB|WD is launching a new program dedicated to providing resources for emerging artists. One selected artists will receive a $1,000 artist stipend, 40 hours of rehearsal space a studio of their choosing, and a financial advisor to aid in building a sustainable platform for their work. 

Career Advice on Where To Begin

Artistic Director Dante Brown will give expert tips on appropriate first steps, depending on your interests, strengths and objectives. Which workshops should you invest in? What studios are your best fit? Where should you apply to show work?

Discounts to Get You In The Door

We’ll provide 40 hours of rehearsal space a studio of their choosing. 

Your Quick Guide to NYC’s Dance Resources

We will share any and all resources we can think of related to the work you want to make. Need recommendations on fiscal sponsorship? Ticketing companies? Administrative workshops? We know and use these things – we can share them with you.