OUR LIPS Project

Our Lips is an ongoing social engagement art  project inspired by Malcolm Ingram’s 2006 documentary Small Town Gay Bar. 

Dante Brown is traveling to rural and suburban communities across the United States and collecting stories — stories of love, support and healing pertaining to individual experiences within the LGBTQIA communities. Recording only the lips of community members as they share their experiences, we aim to spread awareness, build a network of support and uplift unheard voices.

By tapping into the experiences of those who undergo the daily practice of resistance, perseverance and compassion, our goal is to showcase the shared experiences of diverse communities.

The Our Lips project is in its early stages and will culminate in a gallery online. We hope anyone who shares their story with us will agree to be part of this gallery of voices, but no stories will be shared publicly without your consent.

In addition to our online exhbiit, Our Lips will also include a dance trilogy centering of the writings and essences of queer authors of color such as Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, E. Lynn Harris, Eseex Hemphill, and others. 


Possible Story Prompts Include:

  • Recall a time that you showed compassion to someone.
  • Tell about a time you have shown love to a complete stranger.
  • Describe an act of kindness you’ve granted someone in your life or they have given to you.

Please speak honestly and from the heart.

To submit your story, please create a video similar to Dante’s and fill out the form below. You may submit your video via YouTube or Vimeo link. Please make sure privacy settings allow us to download your video file. You may also send your video file directly, via WeTransfer or Google Drive to info@warehousedance.org.


Download more information and instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@warehousedance.org.

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