BULLY at Triskelion Arts Center

Triskelion Arts is pleased to present BULLY, a new work by Danté Brown | Warehouse Dance this February in the Muriel Schulman Theater. BULLY is a collaborative physical response to the caricatures of horror movies, and how a witness responds to discomfort. The company questions how proximity, invitation, and risk are a means to ignite our discomfort, an emotional state that leads us to various responses – judgment, laughter, and empathy. They focus on showing how a range of physical events can generate that state for a multitude of responses to lead to self-reflection, while giving homage to the horror movie caricatures they’ve grown to love.

Warm Up

Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance is thrilled to present its first fundraiser event, WarmUp, launching our Winter 2015 Kickstarter! Come join a cozy night filled with free food, compliments of MeBakes, a beautiful donation bar, a dancer friendly, silent auction for last minute holiday shopping, and an amazing performance from musical guest, Latasha Alcindor AKA L.A.

CRAWL: Chapter 4

CRAWL: Chapter 4 brings you performances from Danté Brown, Gregory Dolbashian, and Evan Okun, in a hip-hop driven, immersive show that comments on privilege, power structures, and coming of age.

The Middle Passage

George Del Barrio of The Vanderbilt Republic and Kate Ladenheim of The People Movers curated DBWD as part of The Middle Passage: a focused camera obscura installation inside of Open Source Gallery.

The obscura presents inside the gallery what is outside of the gallery; our world, and specifically, a gentrifying Brooklyn block in a neighborhood that is undergoing modern day colonization. In a blissful reclamation, the world’s perspective is the artists’ to control. Inside the walls of the gallery it becomes abundantly clear that the world is what we make it – what we have made it. And that when you cut a hole in the darkness, you fill it with light.


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